YZ550 combos


Features included

  • Extremely robust and attractive with a 10” LCD screen for a more enjoyable purchasing experience
  • Capacity to hold 220 snacks and 240 drinks
  • In built speaker and audio, video slide shows that communicates messages and important announcements to customers
  • 90 degree door opening flexibility with option to place machine on left hand-side corner of a room as well
  • Trays can also be pulled out at 90 degree angle compared to the standard 180 degree angle like most machines
  • Option to detect items that have not been vended and automatic refund of money to customers
  • Option to increase product capacity and variety by adding a 7th tray
  • Bright LED lighting that makes the product more attractive and items clearly visible
  • Remote monitoring helps in keeping stocks up-to-date
  • Powerful cooling with the help of the German Danfoss Compressor
  • Panels and keypad made from the best quality steel that is robust and durable
  • “Coin –insert” with anti-jam technology that offers ease of use
  • Double glazed heated glass doors prevent condensation and gives clear visibility to customers
  • Adjustable shelf height to help modify and suit your needs
  • Guide rail for cans that supports cans to sit upright


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    Hi im asking about prices?
    Please give all details about vending machines.

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