VISI-Combo snack/drink vendor

new visi combo

Sleek, attractive and multi-functional! That’s the new Visi / Combo snack / drink vendor combination.

  • A compact multi-purpose vending machine
  • It encompasses the flexibility of offering cans, energy drinks, bottles and snacks
  • The standard 3 snack tray can be configured to provide a combination of different snacks and confectioneries
  • Includes 3 separate drink trays with a 96 can and 48 bottles capacity
  • Available in 5 or 6 tray arrangements
  • Can be configured for chilled snacks and drinks with the ½ plus HP compressor guaranteeing icy cold drinks
  • Advanced features help to reduce condensation
  • Provides more insulation wherever required


  1. :

    Hi it is me Rahmat I jest need to drink vending I jest need to know what is the price…

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