Touch Screen Vending Machine

The touch screen vending phenomenon  will definitely change the way you select your next product. These machines only show the products which are available in stock, so you can avoid being upset when your order shows ‘Out of Stock’. These smart devices would surely set you apart. The technologically advanced support has also made these vending machines a part of Microsoft’s shopping demos. Allsorts Vending specialises in such innovative vending options and solutions across Melbourne.


With the innovative technology attached to it, the touch screen vending machines ensure brand visibility and drive customers to use this tech-savvy vending option.

  1. Interactive Technology: It can determine the age and gender of the customer and recommend drinks which are suitable for the demography.
  2. Easy Payments: You can make the payments using traditional cash, cards and smart mobile devices.
  3. High compatibility: It can dispense 100 different brands from a single free standing unit.
  4. Social Networking Options: They can also come with face recognition technology and social networking options.
  5. Multiple engagement: It can allow the customers to engage in full-length LCD screen on three sides of the machines.
  6. Gamification: Customers can play games and win free gifts and can also send them to the friends using the smart vending technology.
  7. Near field Communication: The machine allows contactless payment and can digitize your entire wallet.

The touchscreen vending options come with an edge on product packaging, aesthetic & design, interactive touch screen display with video and advertisement options.

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