Office Vending Machines

Do you know what is better than a cup of coffee on the job? A quick cup of coffee. The vending machines at the workplace are key to job satisfaction and employee wellbeing. Professional vending machines can dispense fresh food, caffeine products, beverages, snacks, hot food and stationary. Allsorts Vending in Melbourne provides the most advanced vending products and concepts. Their vending solutions are known for technology, energy efficiency, certified products, functionality and designs.


The most difficult part with coffee/lunch breaks is trying to reach back to the work station on time. Installing a vending machine would not only add to the physical amenities available at the office, but indirectly benefit the organisational productivity.

  1. In tight employee market, such facilities can help you to retain and attract employees.
  2. It would save all the time wasted, due to easy refreshment service available just a few steps away from the desks and cabins.
  3. It promotes an active health and wellness program for the employees.
  4. Serves as a good point for corporate responsibility.
  5. Makes the popular snacks and drinks easily available at the workplace.

The vending machines in the offices ensure 24/7 easy access. They come in only drink and combo options. They can handle cash and cashless payments, ensuring merchandising and promotional support to the brand.

Make your employees and team enjoy refreshing beverages and food in the office, at a touch of a button. Call Allsorts Vending at 1300 305 510 for a FREE quote on customised vending solutions.