Hospital Vending Machines

The environment in hospitals feature long working hours, highly stressful situations, irregular schedules, competitive healthcare services and patients demanding the highest of standards. This scenario surely demands revamping the perception of vending machines from being merely refreshment options to promoting healthy living. Allsorts Vending specialises in creating such innovative options and solutions across Melbourne.


  • Healthy Vending Standards: The vending machines in the hospitals label the calorific content according to the FDA norms.
  • Healthy options: Hospitals are changing the standards of healthy options available in their vending machines. The normal junk is replaced by healthy energy bars, low fat chips etc.
  • Smart Vending and Products: New technologies are emerging when it comes to vending machines. The machines are being used to dispense prescribed drugs and provide an interactive touch screen for users.
  • Educative Vending Machines: Some smart vending machines aren’t dispensing products, instead they are spitting out hilarious messages about what unhealthy food and practices does to the human body.
  • Healthier options generate more revenue: The customers use the vending machine more when it dispenses healthier food options than the less healthy ones.

ENCOURAGING HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES: With wide range of healthy refreshment for the hospital staff, visitors and the patients, the vending machines in the hospitals offer everything from coffee brewing options to a wide range of healthy products, like fruit juice, sandwiches, salads, organic milk, protein shakes, yogurt, green tea, smoothies and much more.

GENERATION OF ADDITIONAL REVENUE: Natural food distribution if put at right prices, can show increase in sale per unit sale. Healthy options help to tackle obesity and diabetes. Few hospitals also prefer vending machines which dispense the requirements of a nursing mother.

If your hospital or Healthcare Centre is looking forward to a healthy makeover, contact Allsorts Vending at 1300 305 510 for a FREE quote on customised vending solutions.