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People are very innovative aren’t they?

The Times of India reports: A French publishing company “Short Edition” have made a short story dispenser that is a vending machine serving 1,3 & 5 minute short stories. the stories are free & aim to occupy the mind during the day when there are a few minutes to spare. What a novel idea!!!!!
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Treat Your Self with Interesting Recipes in Vending Machines

Harvard University Crimson blog, FlyBy, said that students are getting creative when it comes to making more by combining items that are available in the vending machines on campus. One recipe called, “Treat Yo Self” Trail Mix where the consumer purchases a Granola Bar, M&M’s and vanilla wafers then crumbles the bar into a bowl…
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How Lighter PET Bottles Are Saving Energy in Virginia?

Some interesting facts from Virginia USA The average weight of a 1/2 litre PET plastic water bottle has declined 52% between the years 2000 - 2014. This has resulted in a saving of 6.2 billion pounds of PET resin since 2000. Producing new products from recycled PET uses 2/3 less energy than that is required…
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