Combo Palma HB87


The Palma has been around for a while & is one of the most reliable machines available today

  • A combination machine that is specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Refrigeration temperature can be adjusted to a minimum of 3°C.
  • True Dual Zone Temperature Machine
  • Anti-rust technology with powder coated Galvanized steel cabinet
  • A minimum door clearance of 78cm with dimensions: 888mm wide x 875mm deep x 1830mm high.
  • The average capacity includes 32 selections, 5 trays
  • It can hold 80 cans (40 cans/shelf)
  • Guaranteed vend or refund to customers with the advanced I-Detect system
  • Extremely attractive with triple glazed front glass and supreme lighting for maximum product display
  • Easy loading system, spiral configurations and clear pricing and programming
  • An alphanumeric display with electronic reject button and flexibility in choice of payments
  • Stainless steel, vandal-proof coin admission system
  • Utmost flexibility with adjustable shelves, programmable thermostatic control system, a wide range of spirals, removable doors, storage compartments that are chilled throughout
  • Very secure with anti-theft collection box, triple locking system etc.


  1. :

    Could you send me a price of Yz250, Azkoyan H, Necta, VC3000
    All combo snack/drink machines
    All with note and coin readers.
    After 5 in Black

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