Add new and Exciting Products to your Vending Machines!

Modern snack habits indicate that people eat 3 or 4 times per day & drink 8-10 times per day. So we as vendors have the opportunity to capture the sales on a large percentage of items bought during the working day.

To do this we need to provide ongoing updates.

50% of the machine should house the products that people buy all the time - you know - Salt & Vinegar chips or the like.

30% of the products should appeal to the particular demographic of the site i.e. If the site is predominantly women then Coke Zero will sell extremely well.

20% should be new & exciting products. They may not take off long term but what the hell? Let’s give them a go anyway & ask for feedback from the customers. This keeps them looking around the whole machine & also makes for a more enjoyable vending experience & may encourage them to make suggestions of their own. Wow imagine all the staff having exactly what they want in the machine!!! Sales could go through the roof!!!

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